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Our experts partner with you to lead and / or support every aspect of project management and delivery.


On-site, off-site, hybrid or outsourced we develop collaborative delivery relationships with corporations and the public sector to enable successful, timely and cost-effective delivery.

We use enterprise grade delivery software and reporting tools that enable our clients to benefit from exceptional status and reporting clarity, and a significant reduction in time and cost traditionally associated with the project reporting cycle.


Our technology stack allows us to integrate with our customers' existing systems and methodologies.


We have in-depth experience across multiple sectors. 

If you require project support, do not hesitate to contact us, let's talk about how Metrix can help you.  

Or review case studies for examples of our work. 


Our experts partner with you to support all aspects of your Programme strategy.

From definition to closure, we can lead and support every aspect of programme delivery.


We have expertise at stepping into organisations to recover and turn-around stalled or failing programmes.

We use enterprise grade management software that enables a significant reduction in delivery team administration / cost, and provides a significant uplift in the quality and clarity of programme wide reporting. 

The expertise of our people, coupled with our technologies enable our customers to realise programme benefits more quickly and cost effectively. 

If you require programme support, do not hesitate to contact us, let's talk about how Metrix can help you.  

Or review case studies for examples of our work. 


Our PMO expertise enables us to help clients drive cost effective, collaborative, and communicative transformation.


We add value by cutting through everything un-necessary.


We use the best enterprise grade software to enable some of the most effective reporting on the market. From the C-suite to the programme manager, to the project manager and external stakeholders we enable a level of out the box reporting that increases information viability, reduces time spent in meetings, and enables successful delivery. 


If your PMO needs a jump start we can help you re-organise, build and deliver a PMO framework and governance model that is low impact, of acceptable cost and delivers consistently high-quality outputs to your organisation. 


If PMO resource capacity is your challenge, our tech stack enables us to integrate with your existing framework and processes and deliver the extra capacity required.

If you require PMO support, do not hesitate to contact us, let's talk about how Metrix can help you.  

Or review case studies for examples of our work. 


Project too important to fail? Programme out of control? Delivery teams lost in the detail? PMO suffering analysis paralysis?...


We are niche experts in rescuing business critical delivery at risk of failure. Be it rolling our sleeves up and grabbing the project or providing interim leadership experience and mentoring during times of managerial change or absence.


We work in lockstep with our customers to turn around and recover projects and programmes, discreetly on the side-lines or as the delivery focal point.


We work collaboratively to clear clear blockers, adjust processes, and transfer knowledge in an empathetic and understanding way to ensure continued success post recovery.


Some projects require a more impactful intervention. Where required and duly authorised we can put expert leadership in place, reporting directly to your organisation sponsor to take immediate control of programmes and projects and manage them from our in-house PMO ensuring clear, accurate real time reporting. 


We can provide continued service to completion or work with you to re-establish an effective delivery team and PMO.

If would like to discuss any turn around challenges with us then please contact us, for a confidential consultation.

Or review case studies for examples of our work. 

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